Telephone Nurse Triage by USAMDT

Want to increase employee safety while reducing Workers Compensation costs?

Our Nurse Triage service gives you 24/7 phone access to a team of Registered Nurses who can provide immediate care advice for a workplace injury..

According to the Department of Labor, over 70% of Workers’ Compensation claims are sprains, strains, bruises, and contusions. By following the guidance of one of our Registered Nurses, most minor injuries are handled quickly with First Aid or Homecare advice. When necessary, a clinic referral can be made to ensure the employee is getting the appropriate treatment.

As a 24/7 service, injured employees do not need to end up in ER for a minor injury because an Urgent Care clinic is not open. Our RNs will guide the injured employee to First Aid or Homecare, and when medically prudent, make a clinic referral first thing in the morning.

Why do I need USAMDT’s Nurse Triage Service?

  • It protects your employees. When ignored or treated incorrectly, a minor injury can turn into a life-threatening emergency. (For example, medications and/or medical conditions that affect injury outcomes.)
  • It improves morale. When employees know you’re looking out for them, they will feel better about their job and will be more loyal. It’s like having a nurse on call anytime day or night!
  • It increases productivity. Getting your employees treated, recovered, and back to work means more productive employees.
  • It saves you money. Upfront, our Nurse Triage service greatly reduce company costs on Workers Compensation and unnecessary medical bills, and in the long term it saves you money on indemnity claims, disability and lawsuits.
  • It protects your company. All calls are recorded and documentation is distributed to all necessary parties upon completion of the call. Managers or Supervisors no longer have to make a medical decision for their employee—the RN will be responsible for resolving their injury issue.

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