Employee Education

To promote a drug free workplace, USAMDT has designed a comprehensive training program tailored to your specific needs. Our drug and alcohol awareness education provides interactive training for employees and supervisors that complies with the latest federal Department of Transportation (DOT) and numerous state requirements for drug and alcohol training. There are specific modules for supervisors as well as employees for drug free workplace training.

USAMDT’s training consists of four drug and alcohol training modules:

  1. Alcohol testing education offers information on breath alcohol testing.
  2. Drug testing education provides details on the testing process, chain-of-custody process and results review and reporting.
  3. Employee awareness training explores the physical effects of different types of drugs and their impact on the workplace, as well as employee responsibility.
  4. Supervisor awareness training includes all three modules above, as well as a comprehensive module on recognizing abuse, documenting behavior and determining action.

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