USA Mobile Drug Testing Announces Paperless DOT Drug Testing

December 19, 2016 Published by

December 19, 2016 – Effective immediately, USA Mobile Drug Testing (USAMDT) can provide paperless DOT drug testing to our DOT regulated employers. Our USAMDT compliance specialists throughout the United States are very excited about this new service.

DOT regulated employers will be able to contract with USAMDT for electronic paperless DOT drug testing also known as eCCF. Both existing clients and new clients will need to insure accounts are set up indicating the request for the eCCF. The USAMDT Online web based software will enable employers to electronically order the DOT drug test anywhere in the United States and then electronically receive the DOT drug test result by e-mail and web delivery. The USAMDT Online web based system will also permanently store the DOT drug screen result and corresponding Copy 2.

USA Mobile Drug Testing is very proud to be one of the first providers in the nation to offer the eCCF for DOT. This new program will greatly improve the process of DOT drug testing with benefits for employers, collection sites, laboratories and the Medical Review Officer (MRO). The eCCF benefits include:

• Fewer data entry and legibility issues
• Reduced collection site flaws
• Streamlined delivery of eCCF copies to employers and MROs
• Accurate data from the eCCF seamlessly replaces outdated account and MRO demographics
• Less paperwork to manage
• Improved overall efficiency

Working with Quest Diagnostics, Inc as the approved eCCF laboratory, USAMDT can offer over 1500 electronically enabled collection sites for eCCF for collection. An easy process; employers will place an online order and send the DOT employee into the collection site for testing. No more 5 page custody and control form required. With one phone call an employer can get a test ordered within minutes and the collection performed the same day.

The eCCF is designed to improve the employer’s drug testing process and to make collections faster and more efficient. Employers can order drug tests online and email the authorization form directly to the donor. The order form (donor pass) provides detailed instructions regarding where to go to have the drug test collection performed. This electronic process eliminates the need for employers to order and store paper CCFs, to mail CCFs to the donor or collection site or to follow up with the collection site to get the Employer Copy of the CCF. Being an electronic process, Medical Review Officers (MROs) no longer need to track down paper CCFs, and as such, employers should receive results faster. This process also provides transparency by enabling employers to see the status of the drug testing specimen (e.g. at lab, pending MRO, etc.). In addition, accurate data from the eCCF will immediately replace outdated account and MRO demographics.

Clients no longer need to order, store in inventory or manage paper CCFs. This easy process is detailed below:

1. Employers/clients order the drug test online.
2. An order form (donor pass) authorization form is emailed to the donor which he or she takes to the collection site or shows the order # on their smart phone.
3. The collector uses the online collection wizard to complete the eCCF, which includes capturing the signatures of both the donor and collector.
4. The drug test specimen is sent to the laboratory.
5. The results, Copy-1 and Copy-2 images are sent to the MRO. MRO then transmits the result to the employer.
6. The Copy-2 image is available to the employer/client electronically (online).

USA Mobile Drug Testing representatives are standing by to help DOT regulated employers with the new eCCF process and to get your account set up for immediate use. Call today to get started.

Tatiana Castano is USAMDT's Director of Training and Compliance, where she develops and executes national training programs that enable USAMDT franchisees working with employers to keep drugs and alcohol out of the workplace. You can connect with her on LinkedIn.

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