Time limit on Reasonable Suspicion Drug Testing

September 12, 2016 Published by
Business Acronym ASAP –  As soon as possible.
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Is there a time limit on reasonable suspicion drug testing?

There is a common misconception that post-accident and reasonable suspicion testing have the same timeframes and time limits; however, they do not. Whereas all post-accident drug testing is to be conducted within 32 hours of the accident, there is no similar time frame or time limit on when to conduct a reasonable suspicion drug test. When a trained supervisor makes a determination that a reasonable suspicion exists, the drug test must be performed as soon as possible; but there is no time limit on when to cease attempts to test. It is always a good idea to document reasons for extended delays in testing.

Tatiana Castano is USAMDT's Director of Training and Compliance, where she develops and executes national training programs that enable USAMDT franchisees working with employers to keep drugs and alcohol out of the workplace. You can connect with her on LinkedIn.

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