Mobile Drug Testing

USAMDT of Atlanta, Georgia can travel to any location to execute onsite drug testing. This could be your office, plant, or job site. Mobile drug testing introduces the element of surprise to prevent employees from preparing for or avoiding testing, while helping you to minimize downtime and get your employees back to work more quickly compared to offsite testing.

How Does Mobile Drug Testing Work?

Our certified collectors will generate a selection pool for random drug testing and then arrive at your location to notify you which employees will be tested. Each employee will be called out one-by-one to be tested while the others continue working. Testing can be conducted to identify virtually all types of drugs using urine, hair, or mouth swabs.

How Long Does Mobile Drug Testing Take?

Typically, testing takes only minutes per employee and they can return immediately to work, resulting in almost no downtime. Results are available through a secure online portal, usually in 72 hours or less. Immediate results are also available.

Interested in Mobile Drug Testing?

If you’re interested in USAMDT’s mobile drug testing to ensure a drug free workplace, call us at 770-627-4500 or contact us online today. We would love the opportunity to learn about your needs and discus the how we can help you.