oral swab vs. urinalysis

Oral Swab vs. Urinalysis—Which is Right for My Drug Free Workplace Program?

May 31, 2017

In the interests of increased productivity, and reduced absenteeism, personnel turnover, and worker compensation claims, an increasing number of companies have come to rely upon employee drug testing—especially in light of recent marijuana legalization. Employers not mandated to follow DOT guidelines have several choices for maintaining a drug free workplace, including oral fluid or urine testing. I’m going to provide a detailed comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of these two matrices for drug testing to help... Read More »

5 Types of Drug Users in the Workplace

5 Types of Drug Users in the Workplace

May 18, 2017

I know many employers think that their employees don’t use drugs, but that’s unfortunately not true. Of all drug users, 68.9% are employed and active in the workplace, and 9.4% of Americans have used an illegal drug within the past month. So to believe that a workplace has no drug users, is statistically speaking, almost impossible. All drug users are dangerous because they are proven to be more prone to workplace accidents, especially those involving... Read More »

Trump fires Office of National Drug Control Policy

Trump to the Office of National Drug Control Policy: “You’re Fired!”

May 9, 2017

Though President Trump has actively and publicly campaigned throughout the country promising to fix the current drug and opioid epidemic, public health advocates believe he has plans in place that could actually make the problem much worse. According to leaked information reported first by CBS News, the current administration plans to essentially eliminate the Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) in 2018. By cutting 96% of the ONDCP’s budget (reducing the $388 million to... Read More »

drug testing Atlanta

Drug Testing in Atlanta—Which Industries Have the Highest Drug Use?

May 2, 2017

All across America it seems illegal drug use is on the rise. This is especially true for major metropolitan areas, like the city of Atlanta. One of the big reasons the drug problem is so vast is that Atlanta is a shipping hub, making it easy for illegal drug shipments to come into the city. This problem is thoroughly explored in the CEWG Pattern and Trends Of Drug Use in Atlanta in their special 2013 report. According... Read More »