USA Mobile Drug Testing of Atlanta Georgia Helps You Create a Safer, Happier, and More Productive Workplace

Here’s how we do it

You can’t afford the consequences of employee drug use, including lost productivity, workplace accidents, and absenteeism, but you also don’t have time to send employees to an offsite lab in Atlanta for drug testing.

USA Mobile Drug Testing of Atlanta solves that by bringing the drug testing lab directly to you!

Just give us a call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and we’ll come to you, whether your employees work in a downtown office, busy airport, or even a remote location like like an industrial center or construction site.

We only need about 15 minutes to administer each employee’s drug test, then they can get right back to work!

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Atlanta drug testing

Here’s why drug testing matters to Atlanta employers

Many Atlanta employers think none of their employees would use drugs, but unfortunately that is false.

More than six percent of the US population over 12 years old (13.9 million people) have abused drugs within the past month, according to the Department of Labor. More shocking is the fact that 73% of all current drug users 18 and older (8.3 million adults) are employed, including 6.7 million full-time workers and 1.6 million part-time workers. 1

And it’s not only street drugs. Prescription drug abuse accounts for the majority of all drug abuse. A report from The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration shows that 6.2 million people over 12 years old in the US have abused prescription drugs within the past month. 2

It only takes is one drug-related accident to bankrupt your company. But a properly administered drug screening program can help to reduce or eliminate that risk, as well as lost productivity, workplace accidents, and  absenteeism caused by drug use.

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Atlanta drug test

Here’s how we’re better

You won’t have to lose productivity by sending employees to an offsite lab ever again because we come come right to you, testing takes just about 15 minutes per employee, and we’re available 24/7/365.

Our nationwide coverage means you that if you have locations outside of Atlanta, you can still request testing anywhere in the United States with one phone call.

We offer various methods, including a urinalysis drug test, hair drug test, and saliva drug test, so we can administer drug tests anywhere for:

And our services don’t aren’t limited to drug testing—we develop and manage your entire drug free workplace program, including employee education, supervisor training, random drug testing, reporting, and compliance.

We even offer telephone nurse triage services to help lower costs related to workplace injuries and get employees back to work more quickly.

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Why should you trust USA Mobile Drug Testing?

When you work with USA Mobile Drug Testing of Atlanta, you’re partnering with a company that has been trusted by government organizations, Fortune 500 companies, national sports organizations, and thousands of companies throughout the United States.

With nearly a decade in business, we have a proven track record of improving workplace safety, productivity, and moral and would love the opportunity to do the same for your company.

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